Hinchinbrook Region, North Queensland


Sugar Cane

The business farms 196ha in the Herbert River Sugarcane growing district.

Where possible minimum tillage, cover cropping, and soil conservation practices are undertaken across all farms. All crops grown on the farms are grown on a controlled traffic (1.83m) farming system, which has been in practice for over 20 years now. The farm uses mixed fallow cover crops during the fallow periods to increase soil biodiversity, organic matter, improve nutrient cycling and crop rotations to ensure the sustainability of the soil resource. Over the years the business has also revegetated riparian areas to maintain biodiversity and to protect the land from the adversities of flooding along the Herbert River.

Sugarcane farming in Australia is where we started in 1928 and it remains a very important component of our business.

Agriculture is what we do best!!

Di Bella Produce and Farming