Hinchinbrook Region, North Queensland


Tropical Agricultural Services

TAS was formed in 2023 in response to farmers and land managers seeking a personalized agronomy and technical service to meet their own business requirements.

TAS or associate contracted staff have experience in tropical agriculture and natural resource management issues. The company specializes on the following areas:

  • Sugarcane, Bana grass, cucurbits, sweet potato, pasture and other tropical crop agronomy, crop husbandry, planting, harvesting, weed, pest and disease management.
  • Development of “greenfield” sugarcane and Bana grass plantations.
  • Agriculture and natural resource project management.
  • Nutrient budgeting and planning.
  • Sugarcane crop ripener management.
  • Cover crop and pasture seed production and management.
  • Precision agricultural practices (like variable rate nutrient and soil amendment application maps).
  • Regenerative farming practices.
  • Soil conservation.
  • Farm drainage.
  • Research and Development into new agricultural chemicals and bio stimulants.
  • Specific areas of natural resource management (ie. Farm water quality management)
  • Agricultural extension and training.

The company manager, Lawrence Di Bella, has over 30 years’ experience in tropical agricultural systems and natural resource management. If TAS does not have all the necessary skills required in house, it will partner with the appropriate group to ensure the success of every project undertaken.

For further information concerning the services offered by TAS, please contact Lawrence Di Bella on 0448 084 252 or ldibellatas@gmail.com

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